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    Station Clocks,Train Station Clocks,Metro Station Clock,railway station clocks

    Aluminum post, saddle, bezel and case.
    All exterior parts finished with a polyurethane paint.
    Standard color: matte black with gold highlighting.
    Additional colors and gold leaf optionally available.
    Style B28MI street clock movements.
    Black dial markings and hands.
    Available with any of our dial markings and hands, or ones of your own design.
    2700K LED backlighted dials.
    Also available with color-changing RGB LEDs.
    Automatically controlled from the base with 99B-MI automatic tower clock control with GPS satellite synchronization.
    Also available sidewall and corner mounted.

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    Product details

    A station clock is a clock at a railway station that provides a standard indication of time to both passengers and railway staff. The technical implementation of the railway clock, the central synchronization by a master clock, was engineered together with Mobatime.

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