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    advertising clock,street clock,advertising outdoor clock

    advertising light box,light boxes advertisement

    35 years long life

    2+ years of Guarantee

    Stainless Steel Frame/Fluorine carbon coating

    Aluminum Dial (or Acrylic Dial)

    Different numerals available

    Automatic night light turn on & off system

    Outside-clock(or Inside-clock) lighting System

    GPS time adjustment system

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    Product details

    Advertising clocks have been made in a wide range of materials and styles, as diverse as the numerous products and services they were designed to promote. 
    Let sea melody company translate your ideas into a one-of-a-kind custom advertising clock. Our custom advertising clocks are a collaboration between the customer and our engineering department. Sea melody¡¯s design engineers can turn your idea, sketch or wish into a advertising clock !

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