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    Outdoor Clocks  

    35 years long life
    2+ years of Guarantee
    Stainless Steel Frame/Fluorine carbon coating
    Quality Machanical Movement
    GPS time adjustment system
    Our street clocks are made of aluminum not fiberglass. Aluminum provides a stronger, sturdier clock that is not likely to need any repairs or upkeep. The aluminum clock will be around for 100 years+.

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    Product details

    Sea melody street clocks are a beautiful architectural feature, designed to highlight your project. The fully equipped, two or four dial clocks on posts are ideal for many uses, including clocks for golf courses, country clubs, schools, main street and banks. They are the perfect accent to your university, town or memorial, or as a special dedication to a loved one or veteran.

    Sea melody offers a variety of Street Clock Styles. Clocks are available with LED backlighting or edge lighting. A wide range of standard dial markings and hands along with special dial lettering and graphics are available

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